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Our Story

After nearly two decades in fintech in silicon valley, when Praj relocated to India, he found it surprising that businesses and individuals still rely on conventional methods like fixed deposits to park their short-term funds.

Coming from a fintech background, he knew these traditional methods were far from optimal for fund parking as they offered very low returns and lacked flexibility. Financial products tied to the securities market are smarter alternatives, but are only privileged by large institutions and corporations.

Leveraging his product management expertise, he dedicated weeks researching and realized there were numerous long-term investment platforms. However, none catered to the need for short-term fund parking, where safety and liquidity is of utmost priority.

And thus, the idea for KOFFi started to take shape…

Prajwal Manalwar

Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur at heart, I am immensely passionate about creating meaningful value by solving real-world problems. Ability to decode complexities and firm resolve have been instrumental in shaping my journey. My nearly twenty years of fintech and product leadership experience, primarily in Silicon Valley, filled with successful launches of global products ranging from early-stage startups to large corporations. In the personal sphere, I am an avid runner and every stride provides me with renewed strength.